Beauty in the backyard!

Todays blog is all about those promises we make ourselves; lets meet soon, we must go there one day, maybe next year I will go there and so on and on and on……

About six years back, my Papa and I embarked on a journey brought on by his health complications.  It was a ritual the two of us would have: he would be dropped of at my house in the morning, we would do our rounds of doctors and then head home….there, on the way home was this park…a park we drove by countless times each season.  In winter we would say, we should stop here in spring and then spring would turn to summer, fall and then winter again.  The park was never visited and then Papa decided he needed to move to a place where there is beauty, warmth and peace all year round.  After his passing, I drove past the park maybe once or twice.  And then last week I drove my Mom saw it and remarked that there was to be an Azalea festival there….and the words came right back..we must stop by here on our next visit.

A couple days later, our plans to be someplace else never materialized and we ended up at the  park.  If you have not yet explored this wonderful park in Mercer County, it is worth a visit.  It is not huge but large enough to explore the beautiful landscape and find an oasis within the traffic infected route 1, route 130, route 33 triangle….Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ

Visiting during Azalea bloom, I was amazed at the variety of Azalea colors…all in my backyard.

I left with a ton of images of beautiful Azaleas but more importantly I left with  resolve to keep my “some days” to “this week”!  Enjoy.


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