Art inspiring Art…Dancing with Sculptures

The Northeast has been blessed with some gorgeous unseasonable warm weather lately.  Taking a short walk in the neighborhood last week, we met a stranger…which is the typical american way…someone who live just a few doors down from us but we saw her for the first time in seventeen years.  Aah such is the subarban American life. There can be a lot of discourse on that but today I want to share the pleasant surprise in us meeting.  She introduced me to a The Outlet Dance Project.   The beautiful Grounds for Sculpture was the venue of the dance festival as art inspired art.  The festival comprised of films and live performances.  We missed most of the film section but of the two we did see, a b&w project caught my attention the most.  As we watched the indoor dance portion surrounded by Ming Fays Canutopia, the backlight vantage point I had inspired me to shoot some pictures in B&W.  This was one time I wished I had better glass for the low light but I enjoyed the dances just the same.  You can find out more about the project and dances at

four lines



My particular favorite in the indoor section was the holiday dance performed to Hallelujah, Its a wonderful time of the year and White Christmas.


Once the Indoor portion was complete, A Capoeira group kicked off the outdoor portion and led us through the park from one dance to the next as a pied piper. Capoeira is a self defense dance incorporating music, dance and martial arts.zumbi






white SONY DSC

It was a beautiful afternoon and I wish I did not have to run home to get ready for another dance…this time my own dancing to the Gujarati folk music..Garba..  Be sure to check out the 2014 festival.








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