Freedom Sighting on a Summer Night

Dear Visitor,
Are you tired of the Istanbul series yet?  Well I am.  But before you rejoice, let me clarify it does not mean I am done with it. I still have to cover Sultanahmet na.  (didnt get the “na”?  Then you must not have grown up in India. My kids still don’t understand why Indians have to end an affirmative with a negative, na).   However, I decided to free myself from it for a summer night.  A beautiful summer night, free of children (my cousin was watching one of them- thank you B&H in connecticut),  free of thunderstorms,  free of social obligations (oops I meant engagements),  free of plans in general.  We had our cousin visiting from one of the Carolinas so at a random spur of the moment we decided to go to NYC at night.  An unplanned exit for Liberty State Park let to viewing Lady liberty’s backside from the Liberation monument side.

My camera could not be set up on the gorilla pod to soak in the view of Manhattan since J and the park ranger shooed us out, J in his ever so subtle way of just walking to the car without looking back and the park ranger in his no uncertain terms of blaring on the loud speaker.  But the few minutes we spent there left an impression so powerful that I wanted to share it with you today.

Taking a form of resilience, strength, solidarity and light, is how I saw freedom a couple nights back.  A tower of steel, bathed in red glow in the darkness of night, rising higher each day until no one can bring it down again.. The Freedom Tower at Ground Zero

The 911 memorial on the Jersey side, Empty Sky described by some as “11” beckoned you to walk through it as you sought freedom……almost ethereal.

Beam from WTC
 And so I spent the rest of the night, capturing images of the tower from different vantage points, be it the Jersey side or the Brooklyn bridge and along way captured a couple more symbols of American freedom.

And since no picture of NYC is complete without a view of the Empire State, here are a couple images to check it off.  As you can see, a handheld camera can only do so much at night but hope that you enjoyed viewing them as much as I enjoyed clicking them.  See you again in a few days as I wrap up the Istanbul series.


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