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Over the last week, in between dancing the weekends away, I have been busy on the blog front writing about a day on the northern coast of ireland or the coast of Northern Ireland to be politically correct. Not being too crazy about the format here, I decided to explore Dreamweaver.  It doesn’t matter how dreamy the software is, if it is more than a few months old, it can be nightmarish…..and mine is a few years old… you get the drift…….Well, one exploration led to another and I ultimately ended up at HDR photography blogs……yeah – dont ask me how!  A photography comrade suggested a workshop and in the process the blog about northern ireland coast sailed off shore.  I will get back to it sooner or later but in the meantime I thought I would share some images of that workshop.  HDR is supposed to give you these picture perfect images.  But one cannot make postcard images if the scenery is not so……our workshop was in a tiny park surrounded by busy roads and homes in Plainfield, NJ.  No need to say more. There was one egret and a few 10 geese in the park that were shot at a thousand times between the four of us (camera shots!).  I came home, downloaded a trial version of an updated software to compile HDR shots and the results led a bit to be desired.  A couple days later, in between work and a doctors appointment, I carved out 30 minutes to head out 2 miles from my home to apply some of the HDR techniques.  The gods must be smiling that day since the clouds opened up in just  the right direction of the horizon.  The colors popped up and all izzz well (you got to be indian to get that joke!).  In the park close to my house, fall is heralded by a pink trailer and a pink canoe- all in keeping with breast cancer awareness.  I am hoping that all those who read this blog, women especially, get inspired by the pink boat to get their annual physicals done!  Enjoy the images………Ireland will be towed in shortly… stay tuned.

Park in south Plainfield

 A fisherman enjoying the gorgeous fall afternoon


The assorted wildlife we were to capture as part of the workshop.

Images from the Park near my home!

Inspired yet?  If so, pick up the phone and make that appointment!

HDR Shots! 


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