I scaled my mountain today!

  That little spec of black you see is my mountain!  That is not a mountain, it is a pebble silly, you say.  But for me it is a mountain.  Years of neglecting my body in my late twenties and early thirties has led to complete stiffness. Translating the story …


Seeking Light in Monotones!

The northeast winter this year has been brutal.  My friends and family are all tired of the snow, snow and more snow…but …

tuscan food fest-62

Tuscan Food Fest!

I have been wanting to write this post for just shy of two years now.  Immediately after our visit to Tuscany in …


Hyderabad…a short visit

Growing up in India, the long summer vacations were always broken up lazing around the neighborhood, playing hopscotch and marbles, eating snow …


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